Alkalize Your Body

Many people don’t realize how important is to balance your PH. Acidity causes people to suffer of pain, weight gain and other health issues. Acid foods like sugar, fried food, food additives, meat, cheap and bad oils and trans fats cause acidity in your body and over time acidity can have very damaging effects on your body.

When your body is receiving high amounts of acid it depletes the mitochondria from oxygen which affects the energy of the cell and won’t be able to perform the vital functions. Meaning that acid can affect joints, tissues, organs and glands; in which, resulting of imbalance and dysfunctions.

It’s recommended that 80% of your diet is made up of alkalizing foods and 20% would be of neutral to acid-forming foods. Start your day with a warm glass of water with lemon juice to help alkalize your body when you wake up. All Vegetables are alkalizing in which if you eat more veggies then you will have a more balance diet (RAW or Steamed). All types of seaweed, greens and watercress are particularly alkalizing. Including, herbal teas and fresh vegetable juice. Fruits are mostly alkalizing except blueberries, cranberries & plums. Raw fruit and apple cider vinegar are alkalize. Nuts & seeds like almonds, chestnuts, chia and sesame seeds are alkalize but the rest are very acidic. The only way to alkalize a nut or seed that is not naturally alkalize is by soaking it over night and letting it sprout before they are consumed. Any type of oil is considered neutral. Grains & beans like amaranth, millet & quinoa are naturally alkalize and fresh beans. However, the rest of the beans are acidic but if you also soak them the sprout and become alkalize.

Protein the less acid is fish and the most is meat. Dairy and eggs are also acid forming but goats milk is less acidic. Artificial sweeteners are the most acidic of all and also sugars. Exercising helps move acidic waste products so you can eliminate them.

This guide is to help you balance your diet and I don’t mean for you to stop eating acid producing  foods but to learn to balance everything you eat.




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