Weightlifting Plus Running

Many times people make the mistake of just running or just weightlifting and I’m guilty as charged. Strength training will boost your metabolism and support hormones involved in fat burning. Meaning if you are a runner and you are looking to burn fat and stay light on your feet, weightlifting will be a great benefit for you. However, if you are a weightlifter and want to start running it will be different but also beneficial. Some factors of running that influence lifting are the volume and intensity of your run. For example, I really enjoy running 1 mile or 2 after my weight training because it helps me burn extra calories, get a tan and cool down. When I run in the weekends if I don’t do any weight training I run for 3 miles or more this helps me workout and additionally get my cardio down for the day. Running to me is better for resting days because it helps me heal my muscle and it doesn’t take to much from me like weight training does. I’ve been following my lean muscle and body fat percentage and I found that while running and lifting I have lost body fat double as fast as just doing either one. My arms look more toned and I can lift heavier at the gym. Additionally, I have a better breathing technique because of the work in my cardio. Something that also helps me personally a ton is when I work on mobility post my runs. This is a great way to stay injury-free.

For example, you can run for 45 minutes than work on mobility after for 10 minutes. Some mobility exercises you can do is shin-box flow or I found this great article by Onnit that you can follow.

The Top 4 Hip Strengthening Exercises for Runners

First, if you usually lift 3 to 4 days start running the days you don’t lift so you can recover. However, if you lift more than that you can run before or after you do upper body. If you are doing legs I don’t really like this because the next day I’ll be super super soared and I won’t be able to workout the next day. Start running 1 mile than go up or do a mile and try to better your time and then you can increase the miles.

Hope this helps out and I’m going to keep writing more articles to help those that need any help. If you have some topics that you would like me to discuss.

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