Sugars Are Not The Main Problem… Or Even The Most Important Topic

Recently, I’ve been learning in class about Human Nutrition. Something very interesting that it has been discussed is how glucose is so important for your body specially your brain. Many people create these diets that remove sugar completely but they don’t realize how bad this is for you. Glucose is the the essential energy source for all the body’s activities. I’ve actually done the no fruit and no sugar thing and never felt so sick in my life… no energy, always hungry and craving. Your brain needs it to function and it is one of those things that your body doesn’t actually produce it meaning that you have to eat it.

But now going further into understanding what is the actual problem in human diets is flour and fats. As you can see in the top chart that I posted up there which I got it from I found something very interesting people say that sugar intake has increase through the years but not really as you can see if is flour and fats that have increase through the years and actually sugar has decreased. So what is the problem… the problem is that we eat too much pizza too much bread too much flour that is fried. A really good example my professor talked about is what is the difference between white bread and white rice. Because he says that scientists say that white bread and white rice are the same and are bad for you. But why are asian cultures not fat or don’t have the obesity problem we have here in the USA? Well the answer and is at simple as it sounds, it’s because bread is baked and rice is boiled. Very simple and that’s a huge difference because as you can see the whole fast food industry follows the baked and fried which makes them more money. They think fast and cheap makes more money.

Which what I’m trying to say is that you need to eat in moderation and sugar is okay fruit is okay and rice is okay but we need to learn to cook more at home and trying to boil food and use healthy fats like coconut oil, olive oil. Additionally, try to find what foods make you feel good and what foods make you sick. Test yourself to see if you are lactose intolerant or not because this can increase your healthy if you stop having milk or any milk products. Remember to use a small bowl to eat every meal about the size of your hand which this will help measure your food and have a correct portion. Try to add small snacks between your meals to keep the metabolism going and don’t forget your vitamins and minerals to keep your body healthy inside and out. Remember cooking will help you in the future because you will be healthy and also master the skills of cooking. If you have any questions email me!!

-LiVi Fit

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