The Beginning: Pre-detox & Detox

Recently, I been eating healthy but I haven’t been feeling great. So I started reading more about eating healthy and about diets that people invent. I came across this diet called the blood type diet and I thought it was great. I started reading about it and found that most of the foods that it states that are bad for me, really do make me feel tired and sick. I’m a O positive and for my blood type I’m suppose to eat animal fat and many vegetables. Dairy, grains and beans/ legumes are mostly a no no for me. In addition, I started crossfit about 6 weeks ago, which most crossfit preach about Paleo Diet and the Zone Diet. In my opinion it’s a great way to get people understanding about health and what they should and shouldn’t eat. Everyone has their own ways of understanding what their body needs and the difference of what it wants.

To tell you the truth I love Asian culture and Asian food, which my favorite of all is Japanese and Thai. As you know Asian cultures consume a lot of rice but also they consume a lot of fish and vegetables. I love sushi and I love rice but with my body and my family genetics I get fat by eating too much of it. As you all know Asian cultures are known to have very active lives and walk everywhere and ride their bikes which you need those carbs to do all those activities. When I went to Japan I couldn’t believe how much people walk and ride their bikes. The culture in the US has so much technology that we forget that we can walk or ride our bikes to places because we buy this cars that can take us anywhere in just a few minutes. So by this being said I started riding my bicycle to all my workouts and sometimes to school. I think is actually a great way to clear your mind and just relax. People don’t realize how nice it is to feel the wind in your face, feel your heart beat and clear your mind from all the stress we live in with school, work and technology. It so stressful how our phones are connected to everything and every second of the day. So getting to the point, I ride my bike to crossfit and to the gym and to school. I actually feel that I have more energy when I get there. Everyone should try it! YOU WILL FEEL A DIFFERENCE PROMISE!

The problem with my healthy eating habits is that sometimes in the weekends I eat out because I socialize or just feel like eating those things that I love. I started to do it to often and forgot that I need to keep eating healthy all the time and have a cheat meal every week but JUST ONCE. So I saw my cousin the other day and he told me he lost 20 lbs with this new nutritionist he went with. I was like wow I need something like that to get to where I have been trying forever to get to. We are all human and we all make mistakes and I been making mistakes by eating out too much in the weekend. So I gave a call to this nutritionist her name is Regina Brugh, amazing fit body and Russian. She even told me when I met her that many people think that because she has great genetics and she is in great shape because of that and she told me “No I work very hard to be where I am.” She explained to me the process of getting to know my genes and my body. I had to get a bunch of blood tests, hair tests, DNA test, and others. I explained to her how my whole life I have never been where I want to be. Because my whole life I’ve seen all this people that are in great shape and eat like crap and I’ve always try to eat healthy and I don’t have that great body (I mean a six pack and no cellulite). She told me that the reason for all this tests is to see what your body can and cannot process. She will provide a whole DNA analysis of what genes my parents gave me, which by knowing all of this we will know what is the problem with my body that is not allowing my to get where I am. I also don’t have a gallbladder which this is a big problem in processing fat which by eating fat I get fat in my body instead of muscle. I have 33% muscle which is very good but my body fat percentage is 21% and I can’t get any lower by the things I been doing. The moment I told her about some person things she told me that maybe I have a bacteria and other intestine problems which she needs to clean me inside. To start of I will be doing a cleanse/detox all natural by taking intestine movement and drawing pills, chlorella and liver cleaning formulas. After a few days I will be taking cilantro drops to prepare for the official detox process to killing whatever is in my intestine. I will be eating only protein and vegetables for the first 2 weeks and no dairy, no grains, no sugar, no fruit, no beans/legumes, no alcohol = no nothing -_-. According to my nutritionist after all of this I will be able to see all the muscles that are under all that fat that the lack of gallbladder has created this problem in my life. To tell you the truth this has been one of the hardest things I’ve done in my healthy life process but it will be worth it because after this I will be able to eat the way my body is suppose to according to my DNA. I’m in day 2 and feel very weak if I don’t eat enough protein and vegetables. As I go I will be writing more about it and will be keeping all the followers up to date. We will see how this works and hope for the best. I will work my hardest to motivate others and by reaching my goal I hope I can motivate others to live this healthy life. If you guys have any questions email me or comment. You guys keep it up and keep motivating others so we can all create a healthier world. Many people will be haters and will laugh and ask you how only you can make a difference without so many followers or not that much attention but as Gandhi once said “BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD.” So work your hardest and keep going one day all those people that laughed or talked behind your back will see with action because you don’t need words when your actions show what you are capable of. Good luck everyone and follow my instagram: @livifitnessblog and on facebook is the same as instagram. SHARE THIS POST PLEASE! Thanks for reading this and the support!

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