Foods To Avoid Some Cellulite


This article was created because someone wrote me and asked me to talk about this. So I will explain something first many people think cellulite is all about what you eat but remember it also has to do with your genes. YES, I’m sorry to tell you but most people have cellulite because it’s normal. Cellulite its not bad its actually normal and beautiful but magazines and media have created this wrong idea about cellulite and how it’s ugly. If you see pictures of actresses at the beach on a normal day or maybe they cross their legs in a TV talk show you can see they have cellulite and you should realize it’s normal. Coming from me that I’ve always been so conscious of my body and to tell you the truth I love wearing shorts with my swimsuit jaja it allows me to relax and be able to lay down or run without any problems but since I was little I’ve always had very sensitive skin so if I gain weight or lost weight I would always get stretch marks and I hate them but it’s part of my life and I can’t change it. Okay, SOOooo I will tell you that I read online something about how the media or doctors have made money by talking about how bad cellulite is and telling people so they make more money like lipo or plastic surgery. But we are all human and wish maybe we could maybe help get rid of some of it and I will tell you some ways and what not eat because it has helped me to live a healthier life and actually makes my skin look healthier and by exercising your butt will lift up and some of it will disappear when growing your lean muscle and getting read of body fat. If you are those types of people that have really great bodies and when you begin eating healthy and begin exercising you lose all cellulite is because you were gifted with great and amazing genes jaja soooo good for you keep working hard and you will always have an amazing body. But for those of us that don’t ajaj we need to work a little extra hard so I will explain what to eat and what to do.

SO first of all exercise it’s very important to have an active life this will help burn fat and create lean muscle and it will help with reducing cellulite.

Second, you can use the coffee that has been used to make your morning coffee and you can put that, some olive oil and sugar and it will work as a body scrub and caffeine helps alot with cellulite to tell you the truth I’m not a doctor but it does something to your skin and makes some of those imperfections go away.

Third drink a lot of water remember hydration is very important to have great skin. In addition, remember your weigh in pounds then divide by 2 and that’s how much ounces of water you should be drinking.

Fourth, keep your legs hydrated with lotion and remember to always put lotion in your legs that helps too.

Now, foods you should avoid are:

1. Saturated Fats

2. Alcohol

3. Sugar

4. Junk food

5. Cigarettes

Foods that can help reduce:

1. Green Tea

2. Whole grains

3. Broccoli

4. Water

5. Oranges

6. Asparagus

7. Berries

8. Fish Oil

9. Cayenne Pepper

10. Turmeric

11. Garlic

12. Watermelon

13. Grapefruit

14. Tomatoes

15. Banana

16. Spinach

17. Apples

18. Cucumber

19. Celery

20. Hibiscus

21. Cider Vinegar

22. Lemons

23. Beets

24. Cabbage

25. Eggs

26. Dandelion

Go to this link to find more info on each of the following list: CLICK HERE!

So remember it’s a thing about genes and it doesn’t make you ugly or different about 80% of women and some men have cellulite. Instead of bringing each other down like saying bad things about other women you see how ugly or fat or how nasty her cellulite is, you work hard for yourself to look better or live healthier and help motivate other women by being an example and motivate other women to join you and two is better then one. Because you will be stronger and you all can help motivate more and other women. Learn discipline and respect and you will live a healthier and happier life.

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