Why You’re Working Out & Not Losing Weight….


1. Eating unhealthy and having the wrong perception of  the “Cheat Meal”

People workout and think that by working out you can eat whatever you want kind of like a price but they don’t realize that the price should come once a week. This is called a cheat meal and should only be consumed once because this will actually help your metabolism to be faster which by once in a while eating something with more calories.

2. Eating too much…even if it’s healthy

Another problem is that people don’t realize that fruit has a lot of sugar, it’s natural but you have to learn to control and keep in a note pad or in your head a list of what you have been consuming and how much you can actually consume. Today we have a lot of technology so this is way easier. I like this app because it’s simple it’s called NuMi this is easy to use and you can keep up with your calorie intake. To tell you the truth it’s not really that important to write down every day your calorie intake but this is a way for you to find out why you are not losing weight and what you are consuming. Also, eating snacks during the day helps you to not eat too much for every meal and feel full. Life is about balance so don’t eat till you are full or don’t stop eating, learn balance.

3. Cardio…. too much

Cardio is very important in your workout routine because it helps with your metabolism and helps with your heart health. But only working with cardio every day will eat your lean muscle and this is a huge problem because you need lean muscle to increase your metabolism and lose calories and fat. The reason is because runners have a endurance body and they store energy as fat to have fuel for all the cardio they do. In addition, it makes you hungry and can cause you to eat more then you are suppose to. Don’t stop with cardio but learn to mix with other types of exercises.

4. You don’t lift weights because you think you will get big

To lose fat you need to lift weights because with weight lifting you gain lean muscle which burns fat. If weight lifting is too much you can start by HIIT or with some type of your own body weight exercises, like Calisthenics. Just remember you won’t get big or buff you need to inject yourself with bad stuff and illegal stuff to become that big and you can take supplements that make you very big with more calorie intake but if you eat healthy and lift weights with some cardio you will reach your goals.


People want to workout all muscles every day and that is not good because you built your muscles during recovery. What I like to do is every day of the week I work different muscle groups. Monday: Bicep/chest, Tuesday: cycling/ calisthenics, Wednesday: Tricep/Back, Thursday: Boxing, Friday: Leg day, Saturday: Cycling, Sunday: Rest. So As you can see I workout different muscle groups every day I like to do cycling after leg day because it makes my pain go away with the blood circulation. I try to change it up like on mondays leg day or wednesday bicep/chest. You need to change it up so your body doesn’t get use to it and you always burn fat and work your body. Protein is very important to take after your workout because this will recover all your muscles. You have an elapse of 30 minutes after your workout to drink your protein because this is when your body intakes protein to does muscles that you worked very hard. Stretching and doing yoga once a week helps with stress to recover your muscles. REMEMBER RECOVERY>>>>!!!! The better recovery the stronger you will be the next day or the next time you work that muscle.

Hope this helps any questions comment or email me!

-LiViFit ❤

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