Staying in shape during the holidays

People during the holidays love to eat and drink without any self control and expect to not gain weight and stay in shape. Also, people you don’t need to be super self conscience when eating during the holidays but instead enjoy it with some self control. For example, the one serving rule, what I mean is that when you eat dinner serve yourself once a normal portion and don’t go for seconds. Second, if you decide to eat anything sweet go for the special dessert that you love to have each year. If you decide to drink pick one day drink all you want but exercise before you do. Additionally, it’s very important to workout every day for holidays even if it’s a really simple 30 minute workout. Most importantly, stay active all the time try to park far away from the holiday part and walk or walk to your holiday party if it’s near you. Here’s a simple workout you can do if you don’t have time to go the gym.
No Weight Exercise
Push ups 20 seconds
Leg raises 20 seconds
Jump squats 20 seconds
For 3 minutes repeat all till you complete the 3 mins
Then 3 minutes jumping jacks
Repeat all 3 times
If you have an hotel gym run a mile or walk it whatever you decide.

Happy holiday everyone!!!!!

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