The truth behind carbs

The Truth Behind Carbs

Many people have this idea that carbs are bad and will make you fat but this is actually very wrong. Carbs are the source of were your energy comes from. It’s specially very important to have carbs in your system when working out. For example, before a work out its important to take your amino acids and your carbalean scoop with water. This type of carb will go into your blood immediately and will give your body the energy to work out. When you don’t consume carbs before a work out your body will get the energy from your muscle so instead of making muscle stronger and burning fat your body will begin eating your muscle for energy. I will write down an example of how to consume your carbs and when with a 6 meals a day example.

Remember this portions are suppose to be the size of your hand. Also, this meals don’t include workout supplement intake I will explain after.


1st meal: protein & carbs ex.[protein shake with fruit and carbalean and you can add kale if you want]

2nd meal: Protein & carbs ex.[3 egg whites with turkey low sodium and spinach]

3rd meal: Protein & Veggies & Carbs ex.[chicken breast or fish with sweet mashed potato and broccoli with coliflower]

4th meal: Protein ex.[protein with water] I recommend Isolate fuel

5th meal: Protein & veggies ex.[fish or chicken with steamed spinach]

6th meal: Protein & veggies or just protein [protein with water or ceviche made with tilapia cucumber and onions with a side of nopales (cactus) or switch the veggies]

When working out: Remember whether you are working out in the morning or in the after noon or the night you need those carbs to work out. Just don’t eat carbs after the 3rd meal.

Pre work out: amino acids with 1 scoop carbalean

During work out: amino acids

Post work out: 1 scoop Protein, 1 scoop carbalean and 1 scoop glutamine

The post work  out is very important this will help with recovery and help you to not be as sore as usual and make you stronger for the next work out. Hope this helps and comment if any questions or email me.


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