Today I will discuss my daily supplement intake. You don’t have to take anything but I take it so it helps me get to my goal faster and healthy way.

Begin my day when I wake up I drink a glass of warm water with Apple Vinager and a slice of lemon. Then after that I make myself a protein shake which I use Isopure vanilla flavor and add strawberries, hemp seeds, and water. While I take my protein shake I take the Women’s ripped vitapak program by GNC Pro Performance “AMP”. This pack contains two women’s ultra mega active without iron pills, 4 grams of CLA 1000, 1 X-12 pill, 1 Waterex pill and 1 Biotin 5000.

Then 15 minutes before I go work out I take my pre-work out called Ab Cuts Sleek and Lean Core Cardio Blast I bought the Berry Punch flavor and it’s pretty good. During my work out I drink Amino Acids by Alpha Amino Cellucor and the two flavor I like are fruit punch and watermelon. After My work out I take a full spoon of protein that comes in the protein when you buy it and mix it with just water, it’s the same protein I mentioned before. 30 minutes before lunch and dinner I take one capsule of garcinia cambogia. After lunch and dinner I drink a cup of tea called Mate Fit to help with metabolism, I like to take it after because it helps with digestion.

Supplements are not always an option because everyone is different but I need help because I have a lot of water retention and other things.

If you have any questions just ask on my blog.


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