About Me



About me

My name is Lilia and I’m 21 years old, my whole life I’ve been an athletic person but never actually saw results because of my diet. When I was in high school I played varsity tennis and when I was younger I did triathlons for the heck of it. While in college my first semester I had to get my gallbladder removed because out of nowhere I had lost 25 lbs. After that I decided to turn my life around and become a healthy person. I started boxing and exercising way more and eating better. I remember I was very fit but I wasn’t getting the six pack or the arms or anything because I use to not believe in weights also because I retain a lot of water. The reason is that most people believe that women get fat and big with weights but it’s the opposite of that. I recently began doing weights and it’s the most results I’ve ever seen in my body. I decided to start this blog because there’s many women out there that really have the same problem as me. We see all this famous people that are super fit but we don’t see many real life women super fit. I want to teach and motivate others to learn how to eat healthier, exercise more and actually find the love to exercise on your own. I will be posting food, diets, smoothies, weight routines and other fitness areas.

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