A Week Of Exercises

A Week of Exercises At Gym 

This is an introduction to exercises that you can do at the gym this is a guide to begin but remember don’t keep doing the same exercises because your body gets use to them and then they don’t work. Also, if the weight it’s too much bring it down 5 or 10 whatever makes you feel comfortable. I will try to post examples but this is a guide remember you don’t need to follow this for the exact days. Another week I will post a guide to create your own exercises so you learn the pattern. These exercises are what I usually do every week and this were taught by my personal trainer Gabino Gonzalez. If you live in El Paso, Texas I really recommend him because he knows what he’s doing and you actually enjoy exercising. Below I will be posting his info if you wish to reach him.

Metamorphosis Fitness

200 E Sunset Rd, El Paso, TX 79922

Mobile: (915) 626-4571

Monday: Tricep/ Back

50lb Latt pull down to chest

20 Reps

Tricep * with Band / Kickback

25 Reps palm facing back

lying down looking down / use a pole

Reverse flies/ incline bench 2(20 lbs)

20 Reps (Back)

15 lbs kickbacks/tricep

25 reps

Bench dips/ tricept&back

60 seconds

X3 45 seconds rest

14 lbs Medicine Ball

Over the head to back throw ball

20 Reps

25 lbs single arm row

20 Reps Arm in bench

25 lbs EZ bar Skullcrusher /5lb each side

tricept lying face up in bench/ bar behind head

25 lbs EZ bar/ 5lb each side

tricepts straight bench narrow gap/ push to knees

30 lbs stand up cable row/ each arm

20 reps

X3 45 seconds rest

Tuesday: Legs

Hack Squats on machine 135 lbs

25 reps Wide legs

Plate of 25 lbs 

5 Front Squats

5 Side Squats moving

3 X each then one of the bottom two

and repeat three times which it is = to 9 times

Leg extension 70 lbs

25 reps Machine

Calf raises 50 reps

180 Lbs

X3 45 seconds rest

Dead lifts

85 lbs X 25 reps

Sumo Squats

40 lbs X 25 Reps

Wall Sits

1 minute 15 lbs each hand


20 Lbs each hand

30 Reps

X3 45 seconds rest

Crunches X 50

Feet touch X 25

X3 all

Wednesday: Chest & Bicep

25 Reps 55 lbs chest (olympic bar)

Straight bench press

2(12 lbs) bicept curls inside 

15 reps

2(20 lbs) straight bench press  

20 reps with dumbbells

Bicep hammer rope with band

40 reps

X3 45 second rest

2(15 lbs) chest straight flies

20 Reps Floor

EZ bar 5 lbs each side

Bicep curl

5 reps bicep 


5 reps holding 5 seconds

2(15 lbs) hummer curls (bicep)

25 reps

25 reps push ups

Incline flies

2(15 lbs) 20 reps

X3 45 seconds rest

Leg lists 25 reps

Knees to chest 25 reps

X 2 all

Thursday: Shoulders/ core

Front extension with the band

Two feet holding in floor

Arms straight forward and up for shoulder

1 min

2(12 lbs) sitted shoulder press or side raises-

 hands meet at top 20 reps

2(12 lbs) forward raises

one arm at a time

20 reps

Military press EZ bar 35 lbs total

15 reps

1 min 25 lbs kettleball swing switching arms at nose level

25lbs kettleball 25 reps each side Oblique kettles

X3 45 seconds rest after everything

2(10 lbs) lateral raises

20 Reps

20 lbs kettleball upright rows

20 reps

10 lbs Kneeling shoulder and leg extension

15 reps each side

10 lbs russian twist

50 reps

2(10 Lbs) around the world/ palm facing up then when reach up palms facing forward 15 reps

X3 45 seconds rest

Friday: Leg with machines

40 lbs laying facedown machine

hamstring exercise 

20 reps

olympic bar/ 20 reps Back lounges

35 lbs plates each side to olympic bar

3 plates of 45 lbs each side

Hack squats Machine

10 reps

4 plates each side of 10 lbs

Sitting Hamstring

10 Reps

3(10 lbs each side) 20 reps

2(10 lbs each side) 30 reps


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